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One recent way inline speed is growing is long track racing in the USA.  This format has long been the home for world championships, common outside the USA.  Long Track is  where the best USA skaters, the World Team and the National Team, are selected.


One growth is that USARS Regions are conducting track racing clinics.  One has already been conducted, in the south, and others are planned for this spring. These Regional clinics are conducted by coaches whose experience includes conducting National track clinics; many of these coaches have years of experience successfully developing USA  World Team skaters. 


Clinics teach track skating techniques; this instruction, for many skaters, also takes their indoor or road skating to a higher level.  Clinics teach strategy and techniques for special race types, such as points and elimination races, the basis for world championships, many races outside the USA, NIRA races in the USA.  Skaters who complete the clinics leave with a bigger “bag of tricks” for indoor racers.


Another purpose of Regional Clinics is to grow the number of skaters at National clinics (and the number of skaters at track Nationals, and thus the candidate pool for the National Team and World Team, and the quality of these teams). Some skaters aren’t aware that these National Clinics are open to anyone who is a reasonably good inline speedskater (e.g., can do smooth crossovers). 


National clinics are held on banked tracks;  banked track skating adds a whole new dimension to the skating experienceThink of the difference between a life in two dimensions, as compared to a three-dimensional life.  Three- dimensional skating is much more exciting than two dimensional skating just as life is in three dimensions, compared to two.  Some National clinics are held in Florida, such as just before the West Palm race, so skills learned can be applied and tested immediately.  Other clinics are held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado where off-track activities include eating meals with Olympic athletes from many sports, and have included swapping skating stories with Apolo Ohno.  Click here to learn more about the spring 2005 clinic, or to register.


Another growth is a whole new kind of skating, the indoor marathon.  This is by the group which put on the very successful St. Paul Marathon.  More information is at:

MetroDome Inline Marathon

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