Grow Inline Speed Newsletter #1  



You're reading the first GIS newsletter.  GIS is an organization of coaches, skaters, parents, officials, industry professionals, fans, and others who are working to make inline skating bigger
and better.  You can learn more by visiting
If you'd like to help grow our sport, click here.   


                     Long Track Racing in the US

Inline Speed is growing! One recent way is long track racing in the USA. Click here to read more, including how beer may be important (for that info, click the last link, "Wheels and Beer).


                         Supporting our Sport

There are many things a skate company can do to grow the sport...and Powerslide is heading in the right direction! Click here to learn how. Don't miss the in-depth look at Powerslide USA's President; click the link at the bottom of this page!


                       Grow Inline Speed Website

The most recent growth in the GIS web site has been in skater training and development. GIS believes that a key to growing our sport is growing individual skaters, making them better, and helping them to enjoy skating more. Such skaters are the ones who will stay with skating, and will bring their friends into skating.

Click here for our Skater Training page; newer resources are listed at the bottom.




Drills make training effective and enjoyable.  Well, maybe not fun, but at least they give you something to think about, other than pain and exhaustion.  Skaters enjoy variety, and learn more with a variety of drills. Click here.

The drills listed are just a start. Email us a description of the drills you love (and the ones you hate, they're even better) so we can share them with the speedskating community. If you send us a video file, we'll try to use that, or we can make one.


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