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Long a big player in Europe, and in sports other than inline speed, Powerslide has recognized speed’s growth and potential, and is dramatically growing their commitment to our sport.  Just added to their stable of the world’s best older skaters, Chad and Julie, are the best of the next generation, Joey and Brittany. 

Joey’s on top of the world with his new Acura, which any speedy young dude would be proud of.  Hey, a guy needs dependable wheels to get to practices, right?  Rumor has it that Powerslide is even helping fund the insurance payments. 

Brittany’s incentives are somewhat different. Her interests include the possibility of a college basketball career (she's almost as good in bball as on wheels).  Powerslide has obviously done what’s needed to keep her skating despite the bad taste from a few moments of football-type tackling at 2004 Worlds in Italy.

Powerslide USA’s co-owner, Julie, has sharpened her focus on inline speed’s growth, deciding that it’s more important to her than going to the Olympics for ice. Rather than spending the hours she had been training for ice, she’ll be growing inline speed, with her new assistants, Joey and Brittany. 

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