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Skating is fun to watch, especially if you know an athlete well, and can talk with them about the sport before and after they skate.  But you can do much more. Following are ideas, written for parents, but applicable to anyone who has a friend who skates.

If the skater is a child you are responsible for, you can do much to help them set realistic goals and expectations. The most important benefit of skating is leaning life skills, learning to work to accomplish future goals, learning fairness and that life isn't fair, and learning to deal with all kinds of people, some of them great friends that are mutual helpmates, and some of them people you benefit from cooperating with even if you don't enjoy them as much as others.

Speed skating can be an intensely competitive sport. Parents can encourage, support and motivate.  Some parents become abusive, mentally and physically, and/or make demands on their kids, demands which are unrealistic and/or not really to anyone's benefit.  It's hard to recognize when you are crossing the line between support and abuse, so be open to messages from others, and watch other parents.  If you are doing much more than other parents, seriously question whether what you are doing is really helping your kid be a better person.

Most important, respect the Coach, and especially don't put your kid in the middle of conflicts between you and the Coach. The Coach is the team leader and teacher, and has much more experience than you in doing that.  If you believe an aspect of training is being neglected, plan a way to add that to the existing program, and offer to the coach that you'd be an assistant coach, doing that additional part of the program.

Parents are largely responsible for their kids nutrition, sleep, and other health factors.  Serious speed skating demands much more from a body than video games, and the health habits that support quality speedskating will have immense benefits in later life. 

Time management is another area where parents are key.  School work is most important, well before skating, and for some families religion, extended family, community service, etc., are also extremely important.  All these can be done, as well as the skating training which quality skating needs, but not if time is wasted. Help your skaters to plan and schedule.  If your skate practice has breaks, consider taking homework to do there, or consider doing it in the car going to/from practice; generally look for ways to make every minute count.

Skating teams need many support activities.  Money is raised, spent, and accounted for. Skaters are telephoned for schedule changes.  Meets are registered for. Uniforms are acquired and sold. Skaters are helped with equipment. The rink is opened and closed and kept clean, and the rink owner is worked with. All these are areas in which you can help.

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