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Inline Speed is...

Here's an introduction to this exciting and healthful sport. Read More >


Want to see skating?  Here's a video of indoor.  And outdoor.


Help Needed!

If you are willing to share your skating experiences, you can help Grow Inline Speed.  Read more >


Starting a New Team!
You're living in an area that does not have a speed team within a reasonable driving distance... You've decided you're not going to sit around anymore and wait for a team to come to you. What do you do? You start your own team! Read more >


Marketing your Speed Team

Need flyers, ideas for banners, etc?  DOWNLOAD sample flyers and print banner drafts here >


Which Rink?

How to determine which rink to start a speed team in... Read More >


Sample Press Release

Announcing the start-up of a new team?  Here are a sample press release you can modify for your own use. More >



Start a New Team
Whether you are a rink operator, coach, or  skater, you'll find plenty of tools and resources to help you start a new team
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Find out what other teams are doing to grow, read about changes affecting our sport, and more.
A center for anyone who has an interest in growing the sport of Inline Speed Skating (and notices of updates to this site).

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Michigan Wolverines



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Quote from Coach Robb Dunn:

"This program ain't for everybody.  We tend to go at it pretty hard here."