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Organizational Kickoff Meeting


Following is a short summary of our discussion and output from the meeting we held during Nationals.


42 people are receiving this e-mail, consisting of active participants on the committee and those who want to stay informed of our movements and assist when possible.  All e-mail addresses should be blind to other recipients.




Location: Room 200, Pershing Auditorium

Time: After 10:30pm

Date: Monday July 19, 2004




In the late hours following J.O. relay awards our meeting was held to discuss ways to bring about effective ways to grow the sport of inline speed skating.  This effort began when it was suggested (Thanks Steve) that many of us who spend time on the forums ruminating about the decline of the sport might just as well devote our energy to doing something about it, beginning with a meeting during Indoor Nationals to kick things off, so to speak.


In the last weeks leading up to Nationals, three of us (Myself, Steve Legier and Jim White) developed a quick agenda of sorts, and a sub-committee structure that would at least get us going.  In addition, we shaped an initial "Write-up" of the nature of our goals and some ways to achieve them.  The agenda and write-up were distributed and the meeting scheduled.


Jim, Steve, and I wish to make it very clear that our early work is all subject to change by this committee.  Everything we are doing is effectively in play and can evolve into something else.  A lot of knowledgeable speed skating people are either involved with the committee or added to our update list (To stay informed) at their request.  We not only expect, but HOPE to receive input from many directions to help shape our work to be effective.


A summary of the meeting follows, including ad hoc reports by known sub-committees, and general discussion topics.


Please review and let the committee know your observations.  You do not need to be serving on the committee in any capacity to offer your input.  Simply reply to this e-mail and include your comments.  They will be distributed to the committee.  E-mails that come to the committee separate from a reply to this e-mail should be directed to growinlinespeed@yahoo.com.


Another, more pared down summary, including the committee members, will be posted later to the forums...and of course, more volunteers asked for.




Steve Legier and Jim White co-chaired our meeting.  We briefly discussed goals of the meeting within the confines of the short available time.  We also apologized that Richard Hawkins could not attend and add his comments as the agenda stated, because he was attending to Derek Parra's final book signing and departure.


Steve Legier and Tony Fugit devoted several minutes to describing the essential vision of the committee, the development of information and tactics to help grow the sport.  Please contact growinlinespeed@yahoo.com for more details about this.


The initial "Write-up" was highlighted and sub-committees mentioned, including known chairpersons.  Additional chair seats were filled in the meeting as well.  Two seats remain.  All sub-committees are listed following, including 1) Purpose, 2) Chairperson, 3) Volunteer(s) if known, and 4) Report from our meeting.


Website Administration

Purpose: Deployment of our website, and management of content.

Co-Chairs: Steve Legier & Jim White

Volunteers: None

July 19 Report: Jim and Steve reported their intention to have our website online within the three weeks following the end of Indoor Nationals.  There has been some discussion of key elements of the site already and efforts are underway to deploy it.



Purpose: Coordination of committee meetings and minutes.  Management of documents.  Any regulatory filings if needed.  Accounting and treasury functions as needed.

Chair: Jim White

Volunteers: None

July 19 Report: Volunteers needed.  Please contact Jim White.


Communications / PR

Purpose: Manage contact information for committee, volunteers, and others.  Monitor and control communications with entities outside GOS.

Chair: Tony Fugit

Volunteers: Jason Isaacs

July 19 Report: Assembling contact list.  Will only publicize involvement of sub-committee chairs and volunteers, but not direct contact information.  Will coordinate and forward committee-relevant information.  Will distribute and maintain updated contact information.  Media Relations sub-committee is working on our initial press release.


Media Relations

Purpose: Coordination of all media relations in all possible channels, including local markets near active speed teams in the US.  Develops primary communication pieces to outside media entities on behalf of GOS (Press Releases).

Chair: Lauri Dowling

Volunteers: Jason Isaacs

July 19 Report: Lauri and Jason were not in Lincoln and could not attend.  However, it was reported that they are working on the initial press release now.


Family and Friends Liaison

Purpose: Support, contact, and information for the family and friends of speed skating or speed skaters.  Assist this audience with understanding and supporting the athletes in the sport.  Assist clubs with efforts to educate the family and friends and help clubs recruit skaters' families, not just skaters themselves.

Chair: Kevin Klein

Volunteers: None

July 19 Report: Working on plans to develop key information for this audience.  Will coordinate with Speed Clubs Liaison as well.


Rink Operators Liaison

Purpose: Active contact and assistance to Rink Operators in support of speed skating.

Chair: Steve Legier

Volunteers: None

July 19 Report: Volunteers needed.  Please contact Steve Legier.  Working on information to distribute to rink operators.


Organizations Liaison

Purpose: Coordinate contact and relevant information and foster relationships and cooperation with related organizations (i.e. USARS, FIRS, ROA, CIC...)

Chair: Terry Fugit

Volunteers: None

July 19 Report: Volunteers needed.  Please contact Terry Fugit.


Speed Clubs Liaison

Purpose: Active contact and assistance to Speed Clubs.

Chair: Scott Leech

Volunteers: Paul DiJulio

July 19 Report: No report.  Scott volunteered to chair this sub-committee in the meeting.  Paul also volunteered to assist Scott with this committee's efforts.



Purpose: Marketing of committee collateral.  Coordination of fundraising activities for the committee to support our initiatives.


Volunteers: None


Vendor Liaison

Purpose: Active contact and coordination of cooperative efforts with vendors to assist growth of speed skating.


Volunteers: None




Our discussions centered on the usual themes that come up when talking about growing the sport.  Close cooperation and assistance to Rink Operators and existing Speed Clubs seemed to occupy most of the discussion.  Many ideas for attracting participation were added by all in attendance.  The subject of focusing on retention as well as new growth was also discussed.  Other topics that arose included:


**Bringing vendors to the table to develop some lower-cost equipment for entry into the sport.

**Focus on helping Rinks understand how to help their speed teams be self-supporting.

**Helping Speed Clubs approach Rinks about speed skating.

**Elevating the overall consciousness of inline speed skating by contacting other types of events (Cycling, running...) and getting in the mix if possible.

**Helping Speed Clubs and Rinks increase their contact with media in their local areas to elevate the public consciousness of inline speed skating.


All of this material has been discussed over the years, however the members in attendance seemed energized about migrating our discussions over to real action.




1) We have developed a mechanism for the committee to make decisions and take certain actions, make proposals, etc.  This will be sent out shortly for everyone's comment or approval.


2) It has been suggested we have a different name than, "Grow Our Sport," because it is too general and requires a tag line ("Bringing Inline Speed Skating to the World").  A new suggestion for our name is also forthcoming.


Thank you everyone for your help!  We are all very excited about what might be accomplished, even during the upcoming 2004-2005 season.


We are still in need of volunteers.  If you are looking to get involved with something that lifts the tide for all of us, please contact us at growinlinespeed@yahoo.com.


Thank you.


Tony Fugit