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Outdoor inline skate races can have many benefits. Outdoor races are popular, enjoyed by many more skaters than indoor and ice races combined.  One reason is that many outdoor races are held in places people like to be, such as Disney, Niagara Falls, and California beaches; your area probably has very enjoyable, if less famous, places to skate.  Being public, outdoor races can relatively easily attract attention, and thus sponsorship and support. 

Outdoor races often also include skaters who aren’t racers.  These are people who skate just for fun and fresh air, perhaps for a little exercise, often to do something with friends.  During a “race” they stop for a water break, or when tired, or to smell the roses, or for no reason.  They pay admission, attract sponsors, bring spectators, and generally help make an event a big deal. Plan for these folks, make your event fun and safe for them, and appeal to them in your event promotion.

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Click <here> to view the web site of the most popular American race, a good source of ideas and examples.

Click <here> for a thorough report from someone who started a very successful race event. He's also available to answer questions, email address is on his home page, linked to from the link above.

GIS will also answer questions and/or put you in contact with other experienced race promoters, click <here>