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   Ideas for Your Press Releases:


Remember that some skaters on your team, or at your meet, have made extraordinary accomplishments. For example, qualifying for the semifinals at a National meet is newsworthy and commendable in any sport.


If you are hosting a meet and expect skaters from afar (that is, further than people in your community normally travel for sporting events), that's newsworthy.  If a skater from afar is a National Champion (even JO age group), or Medalist, that's newsworthy.


When writing about skaters on your team, tell of their skating accomplishments, and of how they are good citizens of your community.


Say something good about as many potential supporters as you can.  Talk about the great rink you skate in (and which anyone can pay to skate in).  Praise local suppliers who have helped (even if its a little discount on supplies, or a free coffee); good chance they'll do more next time.


Get to know your media editors, or whomever decides what gets published or aired. Find out what kinds of things they want, the format, the schedule, anything that will make their job easier.  Build a trust so they know they can get news from you when they need it, and so they don't need to work to verify or fix what you provide.




Marketing/Recruiting Documents to download and revise for your team/event