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Team Member Kyle Lazzell



1.   How long have you been speed skating? 

    Iíve been speed skating for about 10 years.

 2.   How long with this team? 

    Iíve been with Team Florida for about 5 years.

 3.   What division do you race? 

   I skate the Pro division indoors and Senior World Class outdoor.

4.   Do you compete indoor, outdoor or both? 


 5.   How often do you practice or train in a typical week? 

    I go to the Kissimmee practice on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and I usually go to the Ocala  practice on Wednesday and I do a lot of outdoor training by myself.

6.   What keeps you coming back? 

   Actually I have no ideaÖ.I just love it so much and I want to do better every year.

 7.   What do you think makes your team successful? 

    Great coaching!

 8.   What are your goals in speed skating? 

    To win a Senior World Gold Medal.

 9.   Which one speed skater inspires you the most? 

     Shani Davis. He excels in both long track and short track.

 10.   Do you see yourself still speed skating 10 years from now? 

    I see myself still a part of skating like coaching or something.