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Starting a Speed Team




Starting a New Inline Speed Team


There are a number of reasons why someone might want to start a new Inline Speed Team:


  • You don’t have one located within a reasonable driving distance

  • You can’t get enough floor time with the team you’re presently associated with

  • You don’t agree with the coaching methods of the team you’re presently associated with

  • Or, perhaps you just want to help grow the sport by starting a new team


Regardless of why, let’s assume you’ve made the decision to start a new team. Now what?


Let’s look at some of the dynamics of starting a new team. You’ll need a coach, a rink to practice in, skaters who in turn will need uniforms, equipment, meet information, fundraising information and so on. You’ll need to ensure you are able to consummate an agreement between the team and the rink operator that ensures a “win-win” situation for both of you. You have to be involved in marketing, recruiting, fundraising and perhaps even coaching… so, are you still ready to start a team? If so, here’s a “roadmap” for success.


The "6-Step" Process


Step 1 - Who will coach the team?

Step 2 - Where will you find a “speed friendly” rink?

Step 3 - Contacting the Rinks

Step 4 - Making the Presentation

Step 5 - Recruiting Skaters

Step 6 - Financing the Team



General Documents for Download 


Marketing / Recruiting 

 Additional resources in support of starting a new team: 



The process of starting a new speed team as described on this site has been developed and practiced with success. The authors of this process can be contacted here. The team handbook format and marketing materials were adopted from Team Florida’s program. We have made a concerted effort not to “copy” the specific information, training philosophy and/or techniques from Team Florida and/or coach Renee Hildebrand. The Team Handbook and marketing materials have been changed to a format which other teams can use. Many of the ideas on this site are a culmination of experienced and “not so experienced” skaters, coaches, athletes, parents and individuals who have a passion to see our sport grow.  Any comments, suggestions or new ideas you would like to share that may help “Grow Inline Speed” are welcome. Email us with your comments.