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Finding a "Speed friendly" Rink




Step 2


Where will you find a “speed friendly” rink?


Flowchart: Process: Find a Rink 












How far are you willing to drive?





Chart all rinks within acceptable driving distance








There are hundreds of rinks nationwide that do not have active speed programs. We would suggest that you first determine how far you are willing to drive, then, using your location as a starting point, draw a circle that encompasses the area you are willing to travel (see below example).



You need to consider your own schedule (work, kids, etc.) and how an early morning or evening practice may affect your ability to get to practice on time (especially if you are the coach). Be Careful not to over commit to a schedule that is too tight. Allow for bad weather (such as snow and ice) if you are located in parts of the country where this may be a factor. If you do not have mapping software, you can use Microsoft Maps or Yahoo Maps to assist you. Now that you know how far you are willing to drive to practice, it’s time to plot the rinks located within that area.


There are a number of resources available to you to help you determine where the rinks are located. Here are some:


Compliments of www.netaxs.com: 


Now that you have identified which rinks are in your “target area,” it’s time to plot them on the map. (See example below)



Okay, you’ve got a coach lined up, you know how far you’re willing to drive and you’ve plotted the rinks in the area. Now it’s time to “sell” an Inline Speed Program to the rink owners/operators.


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