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Success Stories


Photo (C)  by Tina Wells

This page is for stories that capture the excitement of skating, successful recruiting efforts, new teams or leagues... you get the idea. This area is not for posting individual speed skater success stories, etc... we'd like to focus on the sport of inline speed skating. If you have information to share about what's working well, or have tips for recruiting, training and other "noteworthy ideas," they can be submitted here.


These stories are examples of the type of stories to effectively publicize and grow your team.

  1. Wolverines and History

  2. Rainbo (outdoor)

  3. Starting a Race

  4. New Team forms in Ohio (Submitted 12/1/04 by Steve Legier)

  5. Duluth (recreational and speed)

  6. New rink (for all kinds of skating

  7. Stockholm tunnel skate

  8. Skatetown Speed

  9. Road Scholars (outdoor)

  10. Outdoor racing for everyone-Read the story, then click on "Play" to watch the video.



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