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Skater Growth: Training and Technique



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DRILLS (GIS web page)


Skating your first indoor race


Video tape from USARS: Description  Order Form


Stretching (by Alexander Bont)


Goal setting (by Kelly Springer)


Sports Psychology


Off-skate training (by Alexander Bont)


Abs (by Alexander Bont)


Tips from the Wolverines


Double push (by Nett Racing)
and a list of other information sources (scroll down)


Ice techniques (but many give good inline ideas, by Ellis Edge)


Workout planning (by Barry Publow)


Breathing (by Barry Publow)


Nutrition (by Nancy Clark)


Recovery (from a marathon, by Barry Publow)


Low Walking, etc (a speedskating.com discussion)


Muscle soreness (the Delayed Onset type, from The Physician and Sportsmedicine)


Get Rolling (This web site is primarily for beginners, but is also useful for experienced skaters, especially for overall fitness.)


Psyching yourself

From the Vanderbilt U. Psychology Dept., also includes other references; this link inspired by the Stardust Club's Ed Mueller's helping his skaters overcome fear of racing.  A similar link is http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/sport_psych/a/aa091700a.htm


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Misc. (Old video from Dutch TV, only the first part is Training)